Business Services

Business Services

With experience as a former General Counsel of a $150M+ business, I am a valuable business partner and strategic advisor. I seek to learn your business and work as a trusted advisor to you and your team.

Small businesses need to protect their assets. Whether you are planning for the future or involved in litigation now, I can help protect your business interests and further your long-term goals.

I handle a variety of matters, from day-to-day legal advice, to contract review, to developing compliance programs, to litigation and regulatory matters.

Corporate Compliance

Compliance is not just about rules and regulations. It is--or should be--another way that you add value to your business and create an incredible culture.

I have helped small private businesses, nonprofits, and publicly traded companies develop and manage compliance programs, including serving as a temporary Compliance Officer, conducting compliance audits and risk assessments, and helping to troubleshoot issues that arise. I seek to help clients embed compliance into their existing business operations to create value for the business.

Administrative Law

Arizona is very hospitable to business, but there are times when one's profession or livelihood is in jeopardy due to administrative issues. I help protect you when there is a dispute and to protect your business for the future. I represent individuals and businesses when your license is at issue, or when someone files an administrative action against you, both at a hearing and on appeal. 

Past matters have involved professional licenses (Medical Board, State Board for Nursing), charter schools (State Board for Charter Schools, special education complaints), and other administrative matters.