Internal Investigations

Churches and Religious Organizations

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Churches and schools are meant to be safe spaces where people come to learn about and express their deepest beliefs. As pillars of the community, churches and schools often represent the best values and highest ideals of society. But when that sacred trust is breached, it is important to identify exactly what happened and to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

I have a unique perspective when it comes to investigations involving churches and religious organizations. For seven years, I studied for the Catholic priesthood both in an Archdiocese in the Midwest and in a religious order on the East Coast. I was in seminary when the Boston Globe first exposed clerical abuse in the Catholic Church and I have heard first hand of the struggles of many clergy and laity in the Church.

I  spent almost all of my academic career in religious schools, and have taught at Catholic schools and been on staff at Catholic parishes. In addition to bringing experience in corporate internal investigations, I bring the experience of working in churches and religious schools. That experience allows me to analyze issues in an investigation in a deep and unique way.